Xshell 6.0

Emulates the functionality of a computer terminal
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Turn a regular personal computer into a terminal by emulating a customizable environment with the application. It supports SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL types of terminals and enables regular drag-and-drop data management, Zmodem file downloads, transparency options, and a custom layout mode.

Xshell is an emulation program that can perform multiple maintenance operations while offering support for protocols like SSH, TELNET and RLOGIN. It comes equipped with a command-line shell to help users manage Unix or Linux hosts more efficiently.

In these days, the GUI can be described as standard, having well-organized sections of the page, along with a nicely designed toolbar menu, and three enjoyable skin themes. Still, the toolbar background color seems a bit too faded, while the toolbar icons could've been more visible.

Xshell has various embedded features that, overall, improve the user experience. It offers many options to customize the UI in order to optimize the efficiency, such as setting key mappings or defining start-up sessions and layout.

Besides those, users can highlight the keywords when inputted in the terminal, apply separate fonts for ASCII and non-ASCII characters, as well as customize the standard buttons from the toolbar.

Moreover, Xshell offers the option to send and receive files via FTP/SFTP, along with page setting, print preview, and an Auto save feature.

All in all, Xshell is an important emulator to take into consideration because it's equipped with numerous useful features. The downsides are that it's overpriced, it requires a considerable amount of system memory, and that it lacks some minor interface adjustments.

John Saunders
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  • Allows users to highlight keywords
  • Has an Auto save feature
  • Supports protocols like SSH, TELNET and RLOGIN


  • The toolbar background is too faded
  • The price is too big
  • Requires a high-end system
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